research analysis duality between android and iOs


 Research Analysis
A quantitative research was carried out in order to gain more information about smartphone
brands popularity and customer satisfactions among a limited number of respondents. These
respondents answered the questions through an online survey website. The survey is uploaded
to a group of international students who are studying in Kokkola, Finland. The result is then
collected by the same method and then analyzed.
The questionnaire was developed by Google Form. Questions are designed to be in English
since the main target is a group of international student. The questions are upload to Google
Form on 9th November 2015. The result is collected after only 2 days. The survey includes 11
questions, all are multiple choices questions. Respondents are supposed to answer the whole
survey in less than 3 minutes since the questions are clear and easy to understand. As for the
flow of the survey, it starts with questions about sex and age range. The next questions dig a
little deeper into the main reason why respondents would choose the smartphone they are using
and whether they are satisfied with it.
5.4.1 Research Result and Evaluation
A total number of 20 people has joined to answer the survey. Among them there are 16 females
and 4 males. Most of them are from the range age of 18-24, only one respondent is from 31-35

This is quite easy to understand since the survey is uploaded into a group of international
students. And as expected, all these students own at least one smartphone.
GRAPH 10. Which brand is your current smartphone?
Graph 10 gives out information about the popularity of smartphone brands that are used by
respondent. As can be seen from the chart, Apple is the most popular brand with 8 votes. Nokia
and Samsung share second place with 15%. HTC and Blackberry came at third position with 2
users. Asus and Xiaomi seems to be the least popular phones with only 1 user each. The next
question aim is to know what is the main reason a person consider as the most important factor
when he or she buys a smartphone
GRAPH 11. What will be the main reason when you choose a smartphone?
Price and availability of application are the top reasons when a student choose a smartphone.
This is quite easy to understand since all respondents are students and most of them are
financially depended on their parents so buying an expensive phone is not a good option to many
of them. Smartphone also is a source of entertainment since many people play games and use a
lot of applications to satisfy their needs. As I have mention above, 

big screen size is a new trend
in smartphone industry so it is not surprise when 15% people see it as a main reason when they
consider to buy smartphone and battery life also has the same amount. Surprisingly, brand and
operating system is not very popular since only 2 people vote for these two. Bottom rank of this
is Display Size. One of 20 students chose other and he did specify that Mail service is the main
factor to him.
Question 6 is about respondent’s favorite operating system. IOS is so far the favorite operating
system to the majority of students with 55%. Android and Symbian are next with 25% and 10%
respectively. Blackberry OS also get 10% while no one seems to be fond of Windows Phone
OS. 13 students say that they are satisfied with their current operating system. However, despite
being the favorite OS to many people, only 7 out of 13 claims that they are satisfied with the
current version of IOS. While Android, even though only have 5 votes, but the rate of satisfy
user is higher compares to IOS (60% vs 53, 85%). Both 2 Blackberry OS user vote satisfy and
the percentage is 50% for Symbian OS.
Even though, only 8 out 20 people want to switch to another brand. However, if they have a
chance to switch, 6 people will switch from their current brand to IOS, 3 to Samsung,
surprisingly, 5 will try Blackberry and only 1 will buy a Xiaomi phone. As for updating
operating system, 45% update last week, 6 out 20 respondents seem to not care about updating
since they vote “I don’t remember”. 2 people do the update last month and the rest claim last
year. Despite that, 14 are satisfied with their update, only 5 people accounted for 25% are
dissatisfied. One even say that she is very satisfied with the latest update.

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