Smart phones industry and competition among brands

 Smartphone industry has become one of the most intense industry in the world and with that the
competitions between brands and companies are getting fiercer than ever. This thesis aim is to
give readers a deeper look at the smartphone war and to understand and learn from the strategies
each company has decided to use and to have his or her opinion on the whole development
The thesis starts with a piece of history,

 how the first mobile phone is invented, who invented
it, what kind of changes it has to go through to become a smartphone is all given in the first
chapter. And before getting to know the modern form of smartphone, first generation is
introduced with details. The third chapter is probably the most important chapter since it gives
out strategies, compares and analyzes these strategies and then readers can see brands popularity
among users. The fourth chapter brings viewers to the market shares fragments while the last
one is about the future generation of smartphone.
Last but not least, a survey is done within a group of international students. The result is
carefully analyzed to gain information about brand popularity and customer satisfaction. If in
the fourth chapter,

 readers can know that Apple is the most popular brand worldwide then in
this survey, this is proved to be true. However, Android users seem to be more satisfied with
their products so that means it is still the number one rival to IOS. On the other hand, more
people are likely to change to IOS than to Android. And last, others smartphone brands still
have a chance to turn a new leaf for smartphone industry even though it will certainly be a long
and rough road.
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