El peublo Scholarships North Carolina for latino People

 Scholarships for North Carolina’s Latino Students
Becas para los estudiantes latinos de Carolina del Norte
Education is an important part of our mission here at El Pueblo, Inc., and we have made it a priority in
our youth outreach to aid and encourage North Carolina’s Latino youth to pursue higher education.
We realize the cost of college can be a major financial barrier to higher education for Latino youth, but
we also know that there are in fact ways to pay for college out there. It may just take some work to find
them. El Pueblo, Inc. has compiled this list of scholarships for Latino students in North Carolina in order
to aid them in their search for ways to pay for college. The scholarships are listed alphabetically.
Scholarships with special program requirements are in a separate list following the general scholarships.
At the end of the list, the names of the scholarships are also listed by the educational level of the
applicant in order of deadline (fall to summer).

 Scholarships that do not have a citizenship
requirement are indicated by the symbol: . Local scholarships are indicated by the
symbol: . Remember to check with your school’s Guidance Office or Financial Aid Office for local
scholarships offered to students at your school. 

Local community organizations, employers, employers
of parents, and your church would also be good places to check for additional scholarship opportunities.
If you have questions or need help with the scholarship and financial aid search, feel free to contact our
Higher Education Coordinator Amanda Giese at (919) 835-1525, ext. 227 or email her at
La educación es una parte muy importante de nuestra misión aquí en El Pueblo, Inc., y por eso es una prioridad
fundamental para nuestro Programa Juvenil animar a la juventud latina de Carolina del Norte a seguir con la
educación superior. Nos damos cuenta que el costo de la Universidad puede ser una gran barrera financiera en
cuanto a la educación superior para nuestra juventud; pero también sabemos que hay maneras para poder
pagar por los estudios universitarios. Sin embargo, muchas veces, se requiere mucho tiempo y esfuerzo para
encontrarlas. El Pueblo, Inc. ha compilado esta lista de becas para estudiantes latinos en Carolina del Norte y así,
ayudarles en su búsqueda de opciones para pagar por los estudios universitarios. La lista está ordenada en orden

Las becas con requisitos de sus programas están en una lista después de la lista de becas generales.
Al final, los nombres de las becas están listados de acuerdo al nivel de educación del candidato y ordenadas por
el mes de su fecha límite (el otoño hasta el verano). Las becas que no tienen un requisito de ciudadanía
son identificados por el símbolo: . Las becas locales son idicadas por el símbolo: . Acuérdate de
revisar con la Oficina de Orientación o la Oficina de Ayuda Financiera de tu escuela para ver si hay una lista de
becas locales que se ofrecen a los estudiantes de tu institución. También es posible que haya oportunidades
adicionales de becas en organizaciones comunitarias locales,

 el lugar donde trabajas, el lugar donde trabajan tus
padres o tu iglesia.
Si tienes preguntas o necesitas ayuda con la búsqueda de becas y ayuda financiera, pónte en contacto con
nuestra Coordinadora de Educación Superior Amanda Giese al (919) 835-1525, ext. 227, o vía email:
Updated April 2008
Contact amanda@elpueblo.org with corrections.
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American Fire Sprinkler Association
Scholarship Program
For whom: High school seniors who will attend a college/university
or trade school in the U.S. in the upcoming fall; home-schooled
students may apply as long as their course of study is equivalent to that
of a senior in high school
Scholarship Amount: $2,000 (10 annual awards)
Application Deadline: Early April
Duration of Scholarship: One-time award
Minimum GPA Requirement: None
Citizenship Requirement: U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident
Program of Study Requirement: None
Additional Requirements:
• Must read “Fire Sprinkler Essay” and answer a 10-
question multiple-choice test to be entered into a
scholarship drawing
Application Requirements:
Submit a message or question at:
American Foreign Service Association –
National High School Essay Contest
For whom: Students in 9th through 12th grade attending a public,
private, parochial school, home school or participating in a high school
correspondence program in any of the 50 states, the District of
Columbia, or the U.S. territories, or are U.S. citizens attending high
school overseas
Scholarship Amount: $2,500 (1 annual award); $500 to winner’s
school (1 annual award)
Application Deadline: April
Duration of Scholarship: One-time award
Minimum GPA Requirement: None
Citizenship Requirement: None
Program of Study Requirement: None
Additional Requirements:
• Essay topic on website; rules found at:
• Students whose parents are members of the U.S.
Foreign Service or have served on the Advisory
Committee are not eligible
Application Requirements:
Ms. Perri Green
Essay Contest Coordinator
American Foreign Service Association
1800 N. Kent St., Ste. 1250
Arlington, VA 22209
A. Patrick Charnon Memorial Scholarship
For whom: Students enrolled in or admitted to a full-time program at
an accredited 4-year college or university in the U.S. for the upcoming
academic year
Scholarship Amount: $1,500 (1 annual award)
Application Deadline: March 31
Duration of Scholarship: One year, renewable for up to 4 years
Minimum GPA Requirement: None
Citizenship Requirement: None
Program of Study Requirement: None
Additional Requirements:
• Must maintain good academic standing and make
progress toward a degree
• Applicants should value tolerance, compassion and
respect for all people in their communities and have
demonstrated their commitment to those values by
their actions 

• The selection committee will only accept the first 250
complete applications; before mailing in application,
check by email or phone to see if the limit has been
Application Requirements:
A. Patrick Charnon Memorial Scholarship
The Center for Education Solutions
P.O. Box 208
San Francisco, CA 94104-0208
(925) 934-7304
Assistance League of the Triangle Area
– Scholarship for High School Seniors
For whom: High school seniors living in the Triangle Area of NC
who will have graduated by the end of June of the year of application
and who will attend any kind of post-secondary educational or
technical institution in NC
Scholarship Amount: $1,000-2,500
Application Deadline: March
Duration of Scholarship: One-time award
Minimum GPA Requirement: 2.5
Citizenship Requirement: None
Program of Study Requirement: None
Additional Requirements:
• Applicants will be interviewed before the scholarship
award decisions are made
• Should demonstrate financial need
Application Requirements:
Assistance League of the Triangle Area
Scholarship Committee
PO Box 98477
Raleigh, NC 27624
(919) 235-4554

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