All four year Colleges, Universities, and Community Colleges in Arizona


All four year Colleges, Universities, and Community Colleges in Arizona
have many scholarships available to students attending their school.
Students can contact the financial aid office or search the college website
to obtain a list of scholarships offered on their campus of choice. There are
far too many scholarships to list all of them here, but here is a sample of
what is available.
Arizona Western College Scholarships
Arizona Western College offers a variety of scholarships. AWC offers scholarships that are open
to all students. AWC also offers program specific, local, ethnic, and gender specific scholarships. 

Arizona Western College also offers Foundation Scholarships and Institutional Scholarships. To
view a list of all available scholarships, eligibility requirements, due dates and other scholarship
information, go through financial aid in the Arizona Western College Website.
Armstrong Family Foundation Scholarship (ASU)
The Armstrong Family Foundation Scholarship is offered through the Arizona State University
Foundation. The Scholarship awards up to $8,000 a year. Students must be an orphan, a ward
of the court, in foster care or a qualified independent student. Students must be a full-time
incoming freshman, freshman or sophomore, attending one of the ASU campuses. (Tempe,
Downtown Phoenix, Polytechnic, West). 

Students must also be an Arizona resident and a US
citizen or lawful legal resident of the US with a 3.0 GPA.
Blavin Scholar Program
Northern Arizona University’s Blavin / AFFCF Scholar Program provides incoming NAU Freshman
who have aged-out of Arizona’s foster care system with a 4 year full-ride scholarship; year-round
housing on campus; on-campus employment opportunity; a new lap-top computer; and one-onone mentoring services through NAU’s Student Support Services.
Champions Scholarship
The Champions Scholarship is one of many scholarships offered under the Yavapai College
Foundation Scholarships. Students eligible for the Champions Scholarship must be a current or
recent ward of the Yavapai County Juvenile Court. The Scholarship is available at both the Verde
and Prescott Campuses. Scholarships cover costs for tuition, books and fees for full or part-time
students enrolled in a degree or certificate program. Deadlines are: July 1 for the Fall semester,
December 1 for the Spring semester, and May 1 for the Summer semester. Visit the Yavapai
College website for the application (specific application required) along with additional scholarship
Cochise College Foundation Scholarships
Students need to enroll in the STARS application system between January and April to be
matched with the Cochise College Foundation Scholarships. Scholarship Qualification criteria
include financial need, academic performance, program of study, or some combination of
qualifications as specified by donors. Visit the Cochise College website to find out how to get
started and what other scholarships may be available.
Coconino Community College Foundation Scholarships
Students interested in scholarships awarded through CCC must be admitted to CCC and
complete the online scholarship application between the months of January and March. To view
the numerous CCC Foundation Scholarships and the individual scholarship criteria visit the CCC
website. The website also has a list of numerous External Scholarships and tribal information for
Native American students interested in applying to tribal scholarships.
Eastern Arizona College Scholarships
Students interested in finding a listing of Eastern Arizona College scholarships need to check the
Eastern Arizona College Catalog. The priority deadline for submission of scholarship applications
is March 1st. 

There are many private scholarships available also. Visit the Eastern Arizona
College website for additional information.
John Likins Memorial Scholarship
The John Likins Memorial Scholarship supports an incoming freshman from a Tucson area high
school, majoring in any fields related to gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or area studies at The
University of Arizona. Visit The University of Arizona website to find the complete scholarship
requirements and additional scholarship opportunities.
Helping Hands Scholarship
The helping hands scholarship assists single moms in obtaining a college education and financial
independence. For new clients, the applications are only for candidates who live in or attend
school in Central Phoenix. Schools included are: 1) ASU Downtown campus, 2) Grand Canyon
University, 3) Phoenix College, and 4) South Mountain Community College. Applicants also must
take a minimum of 9 college credit hours per semester, maintain a 2.5 GPA, have a least one
child under the age of 11 living at home, not be living with a domestic partner, and be a US Citizen
residing in Maricopa County, Arizona. Visit the help single moms website for the applications and
additional information.
LIFE Lessons Scholarship
The Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education (LIFE) announces the LIFE lessons
Scholarship Program to benefit students who have suffered the death of a parent or guardian.
LIFE awards the LIFE Lessons Scholarships once a year. Typically, applications are solicited
during the March/April timeframe and scholarship recipients are notified in mid-July. Awards
range from $1,000 to a grand price award of $10,000. Visit the Arizona State University and
University of Arizona websites for additional information.
President Barack Obama Scholars (ASU)
ASU will consider all full-time freshman admitted directly from an Arizona high school. Eligible
students will be notified by the Student Financial Assistance Office. Students just need to apply to
ASU, file their FAFSA, and the student will automatically be considered for this award. ASU will
cover the estimated direct costs for eight consecutive semesters. Covered costs include tuition,
fees, room, board and books. Scholars also have the opportunity to participate in a mentoring
program. Application for admission and the FAFSA must be received by ASU on or before
March 1st.
Promise For The Future Scholarship
Promise for the Future is a program designed to encourage students from Pinal County to stay in
high school and graduate with a 2.75 grade point average. Students along with their parents sign
a contract of commitment during the students’ eighth grade year. Students graduating with the
required minimum GPA from a Pinal County High School receive a Promise for the Future
Scholarship, which entitles them to free tuition to any Central Arizona College campus for up to
four semesters. Visit the college website for a list of 34 additional scholarships.
Raytheon Scholars Program
In an effort to recruit and retain a diverse workforce, Raytheon Missile Systems has partnered with
Pima Community College to identify talented local scholars who are interested in continuing to
study and work in the Tucson community.

 Up to ten (10) high school graduates or first-time Pima
students who are interested in careers in engineering, math and science are identified and
selected for participation each year. For eligibility requirement for The Raytheon Scholars
Program and other Scholarships available through Pima Community College visit their website.
(Uof A) Wildcat Excellence Award
The Wildcat Excellence Award is a highly competitive tuition scholarship offered annually to a
select number of Arizona resident high school graduates attending college for the first time.
Award amounts of $2,500 to $9,000 are available for four consecutive year (8 semesters total) for
fall and spring semesters only, based on academic year renewal requirements. For additional
selection and eligibility requirements visit the University of Arizona website.
University of Phoenix First Chance Scholarship Program _financial_options/scholarships/nfpa-scholarship.html
Through a partnership with University of Phoenix and the National Foster Parent Association,
NFPA provides 15 full tuition scholarships redeemable at University of Phoenix for youth in foster
care and former foster youth. Applicants may reside in a foster home, group home, or kinship
care or be an emancipated foster youth under age 25. Recipients may choose any campus they
want to attend, including online. The program is administered under the First Chance Scholarship

Wolslager Foundation Scholarship
Students transferring from Prima Community College or Cochise College with a minimum of 45
transferable hours to the University of Arizona. Students must have graduated from a high school
within Pima, Cochise, or Santa Cruz counties or have been a resident in one of these counties for
al least five years. Scholarship awards of $3,000 per semester are awarded for up to five
semesters providing that funds are available. Visit the University of Arizona website for additional
eligibility requirements.
Yavapai College Scholarships
Yavapai College offers a variety of scholarships, including the Yavapai Champions Scholarship,
Yavapai College Institutional Scholarships, Foundation Scholarships and recommended
scholarships. Application for the majority of the scholarships requires the completion of a single
form. The application form can be found through the Yavapai College website along with a list of
all the scholarships and their minimum qualifications. The priority deadline for most scholarships
is April 1 unless otherwise stated.

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