The concept of a polymer concrete


Summary: The concept of a polymer concrete based innovative construction system has been
developed by Strongwall. This system enables speedy and economical construction of internal and
external load bearing as well as non-load bearing walls. Research is focussed on identifying various
materials that could be used for manufacturing the Strongwall system. Two polymer concrete
formulations have been developed using industrial wastes.

 Before the system is manufactured commercially, it is essential that its material and engineering
characteristics are assessed and documented to aid design. This is even more compelling when the
new material is manufactured using industrial wastes. Accelerated weathering tests were conducted
using highly concentrated sodium chloride, sodium sulphate, sulphuric acid and sodium
hydroxides. Circular disc specimens were prepared from cast cylinders and splitting tensile
strength was evaluated after accelerated weathering to assess the degradation of strength. 

The results indicate that the tested polymer concrete formulations have significant resistance to
environmental degradation. It is noted that high concentration of sulphuric acid and sodium
hydroxide can be harmful.
Keywords: Polymer Concrete, Durability, Strong Wall, Splitting Test, Environmental Degradation

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