Era of IOS and Android One of the main reason

 4.3 Era of IOS and Android
One of the main reason that caused the failure of many smartphone pioneers is the rapidly
development of IOS and Android. According to a report on smartphone sales carried out by
Gartner on the second quarter 2015, the current Android and iOS continue holding large slices
of the market share in the OS device. The report shows that the total revenue from the
smartphone market quarter 2/2015 was $ 329 million, while Android and iOS accounted for
USD 319 million (96.8% share). As the experts said, Android is still dominated the smartphone
market when held up to 82.2% of the smartphone, which was followed by iOS with 14.6%
market share.
The mobile operating system market now primarily in the hands of big as iOS

, Android and
Windows Mobile. Apple claimed that it has sold over one billion iOS devices since its launch
in 2007, Microsoft is hoping chasing the numbers 1 billion devices running Windows 10 in 2018
but the winner is still Google, currently has more than 1.4 billion Android users. The latest
official data about Android users has increased by 400 million compared to 1 billion users as
announced in June 2014 and 900 million by May 2013. 

Devices running iOS including iPhone, iPad and iPod continued to experience strong growth in
sales. And according to the latest statistics, the sales of Apple's iOS devices is now equal to the
total PC Windows sold. It's a new milestone for Apple, published by analyst Benedict Evans,
based on data collected from Gartner, Apple and a16z. Statistics also show that Windows PC
sales remained stable in recent years, around 300 million units mark. Meanwhile, Apple's iOS
devices have the extremely strong growth. Although including iPad and iPod, but this growth
came primarily from sales of iPhone. For iPad and iPod sales are showing signs of leveling off
or even declining.

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