Study of indicators of learning skills

The purposes of this research were 1) to study the components and indicators of learning skills in the 21st
century of the students, 2) to study the current conditions, desirable conditions and the need for learning skills
development in the 21st century of the students, and 3) to develop strategies for the 21st learning skills
development of students in schools under the Office of the Basic Education Commission. The samples consisted
of 426 administrators and teachers. The instrument was a 5 level rating scale questionnaire with IOC values
between 0.80-1.00 with confidence equal to 0.98. The statistics used were percentage, frequency, mean, standard
deviation, modified priority need index (PNImodified) and matrix analysis. The research results were as follows: 1)
Components and indicators of learning skills in the 21st century of the students. There were 3 main components:
(1) Learning and innovation skills consisted of 3 sub-components 19 indicators (2) Life and work skills consisted
of 5 sub-components 38 indicators 

(3) Information skills in media, technology consisted of 3 sub-components 28
indicators 2) Current conditions of the 21st century of the students, in the overall and each aspect were at
medium level. In desirable condition, in overall and each aspect were at high level. The priority needs for skills
development were life-skills and work, learning skills and innovation, information skills media and technology.
3) Strategies for 21st learning skills development of students in schools under the Office of the Basic Education
Commission consisted of the 1st strategy: Speed up the development of life and career skills to keep up with the
changes. There were 4 goals, 

11 measures, and 14 successful indicators. The 2nd strategy: Continuous learning
skills and innovation development included 3 goals, 10 measures, 11 successful indicators. The 3rd strategy:
Promote, develop of information skills, media and technology to be up to date included 3 goals, 10 measures, 10
successful indicators.
Keywords: strategy, learning skills development, 21st century
1. Introduction
World society in the 21st century is an age of globalization which affected many changes. The technology
advancement caused huge surge of information and news that affects to people in almost every facet of society,
such as economy, society, politics, culture, education, public health, and environment. Thailand, in the 21st
century is therefore affected by the changes in the global society, the process of human development to conform
to the changes helped to develop the country. Human development aimed to be knowledgeable, capable, and
morally ethical, which will lead the country to progress and live peacefully together (Panich, 2012).
The learners in the 21st century must consist of 3Rs learning skills include Reading, (R) Rriting, and (R)
Arithmetic, and 8Cs which are Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Creativity and Innovation, Cross Cultural
Understanding, Collaboration Teamwork and Leadership, Communication Information and Media Literacy,
Career and Learning Self-reliance. These 3Rs, 8Cs will encourage students to become bachelor in 21stcentury
graduates who are ready for life-long learning to learn flexibly throughout their lives to change within
themselves (Trilling & Fadel, 2009). In addition,

 Sinlarat (2011) states that learners in the 21st century must
have the qualifications called the CCPR model, consists of 1) Critical mind 2) Creative mind 3) Productive mind,
and 4) Responsible mind which graduated person in the 21st century need to be responsible. This will be the
basis of morality and ethics in accordance with Dejagupt and Kaekan (2011), which commented that the 21st
century skills of students, in addition to having 3R7C, must also have E, stand for Ethical Person: a virtue and
ethical person. In conclusion, 

the 21st century learning skills consisted of 3Rs, 8Cs and E, which will make International Education Studies Vol. 13, No. 10; 2020
students ready for long life learning. Therefore, it needed to design learning process in accordance with the
current educational direction.
The important factors of educational administration in accordance with the National Education Act is the
qualifications or desirable characteristics of the learner which occurred from the school management process that
meet the needs and necessities of students in accordance with the context of communities and societies,

Dolprasit (1999) and Muntrong (2002) agreed that providing quality education that meets the needs of service
providers, educational standards, and in accordance with the needs of clients by using quality educational
administration processes caused students achieved various completed characteristics and client expectations.
This caused quality management, creative satisfaction, impressions, and confidence among clients both inside
and outside. This also caused for the desired behavioral characteristics of the learners which are educational
products through the systematic relationship, namely (1) Factors aspects such as teachers, educational personnel,
budget, funds used in educational management, media, materials which included courses or important teaching
materials and contents. (2) Process aspects such as teaching and learning process, knowledge transfer and
management models that affect the quality of learners and

 (3) Standards aspects of indicators of educational
productivity such as quality learners standards
The basic educational administration level is pre-tertiary education, which the educational institution has to
provide from pre-primary level, primary level and secondary level which the school administrators lead in their
academic administrations. 

There are schools affiliated with the office of the National Primary Education
Commission. So this research under the Office of the Basic Education Commission will create new knowledge
consistent strategies for developing learners’ skills in the 21st century which will be useful in applying in schools
for the effectiveness of overall education management in the future.

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