#Claims, offences and penalties #Employee may file a claim for minimum rates of wages


Claims, offences and penalties
 Employee may file a claim for minimum
rates of wages, overtime, and wages for rest
Legal Aspects of Hospital Management – Dr. B.G. Maniar
day etc. before the Appropriate Authority
under the Act, within 6 months.
 Compensation up to ten times on under or
non-payment of minimum wages.
 For paying less than the minimum rates of
wages or contravention of any provision -
Imprisonment up to 6 months or fine up to
Rs. 500/-
 Maintenance of Registers and Records –
 register of wages-Form X; wage slip-Form
XI; muster roll- Form V(Rule 26); over-time
- Form IV (Rule 25)
 register of fines-Form I Rule 21(4)
 Annual Returns – Form III Rule 21(4-A)
 Representation of Register – for 3 years

 Contracting out is void – any agreement or
contract whereby an employee relinquishes
or reduces his right to minimum wages or
concession accruing under the Act, shall be
[See Ss. 2 (g) and 27]
1. Employment in any woolen carpetmaking or shawl-weaving establishment.
2. Employment in any rice mill, flour mill or
dal mill.
3. Employment in any tobacco (including
bidi making) manufactory.
Legal Aspects of Hospital Management – Dr. B.G. Maniar
4. Employment in any plantation, that is to
say, any estate which is maintained for the
purpose of growing cinchona, rubber, tea or
5. Employment in any oil mill.

 6. Employment under any local authority.
7. Employment on the construction or
maintenance of roads or in building
8. Employment in stone breaking or stone
9. Employment in any lac manufactory
10 Employment in any mica works
11. Employment in public motor transport
12. Employment in tanneries and leather
13. Employment in gypsum mines.
Employment in barytes mines.
14. Employment in Marble and Calcite
mines Employment in bauxite mines
15. Employment in manganese mines
16. Employment in the maintenance of
buildings and employment in the
construction and maintenance of runways
17. Employment in China clay mines
Employment in Kyanite mines
18. Employment in magnesite mines
19. Employment in copper mines
20. Employment in clay mines covered
under the Mines Act, 1952 (35 of 19521.
21. Employment in magnesite mines
covered under the Mines Act, 1952 (35 of
Legal Aspects of Hospital Management – Dr. B.G. Maniar
22. Employment in white clay mines
23. Employment in stone mines
24. Employment in Stealite mines (including
the mines producing Soapstone and
Talc) covered under the Mines Act, 1952
(35 of 1952).]
25. Employment in ochre mines
26. Employment in asbestos mines
27. Employment in chromite mines
28. Employment in graphite mines
29. Employment in laterite mines
Employment in dolomite mines
30. Employment in walfram mines 

31. Employment in iron ore mines
32. Employment in granite mines
33. Employment in hematite mines
34. Employment in loading and unloading
in Railways, goods sheds, docks and ports
35. Employment in ashpit cleaning on
36. Employments in Rock Phosphate Mines
 1.Employment in agriculture, that is to say,
in any form of farming, including cultivation
and tillage of the soil, dairy, farming, the
production, cultivation, growing and
harvesting of any agricultural or
horticultural commodity, the raising of
livestock, bees or poultry, and any practice,
performed by a farmer or on a farm as
incidental to or in conjunction with farm
Legal Aspects of Hospital Management

 – Dr. B.G. Maniar
operations (including any forestry or
timbering operations and the preparation for
market and delivery to storage or to market
or to carriage for transportation to market of
farm produce

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