The Litigation Division and its sections declares ...

 • The Litigation Division and its sections litigated approximately 4,300 cases in federal and state courts, opened 3,406
cases and closed 3,837 cases YTD, and recouped more than $13.9 million. 

• In FY 2021, the State paid out less for civil rights and tort cases than fiscal estimates ($8.9 million paid out of the Tort
Claim Fund), and through successful litigation strategy and advocacy, the Litigation team achieved billions in savings for
Administrative and Regulatory Enforcement Litigation Section
• Successfully defended the State’s interest in several high-profile and significant cases involving important issues such
as sovereign immunity, separation of powers, and statutory interpretation. The team has continued to litigate in such
complex areas as election law, alcohol regulation, and health and safety law.

 • YTD money recouped for the state through court ordered assessments of fines or through negotiation: $470,750.00.
2021 Office of the Indiana Attorney General’s Annual Report
The Litigation Division represents and defends the State of Indiana in lawsuits involving the state’s
Government Litigation Section

 • Successfully defended hundreds of Section 1983 civil rights, employment, and other claims through jury and bench
trials, mediations, settlement conferences, and dispositive motions including saving taxpayers millions of dollars by way
of successful jury verdicts, motion practice, and negotiations.
• YTD opened 725 cases and closed 720 cases.
Real Estate Litigation Section:

 • Represented the State in all eminent domain cases, which assisted INDOT in meeting its construction deadlines.
• Negotiated real estate acquisitions and handled the review and approval of 1,064 secured real estate parcels,
representing a 10% increase over 2020.
• YTD money recouped for the state through court ordered assessments of fines or through negotiation: $270,590.94.

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