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Vaccine Mandates
• Indiana, alongside several other states, successfully sought stays of the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandates, including
OSHA’s 100+ employee mandate and the Medicare and Medicaid healthcare staff mandate. This matter is currently in front
of the U.S. Supreme Court.
• The SG Division challenged OSHA’s emergency temporary standard, which required that all employers with 100+ employees
mandate vaccination. That order was stayed, and Indiana joins dozens of states in the consolidated case defending that stay.
This matter is currently in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.

 • Indiana and its fellow plaintiff states challenged the Medicare and Medicaid provider mandate and succeeded. At the states’
urging, the district court in Louisiana enjoined the mandate from going into effect anywhere in the nation. The matter is
currently in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.
• Indiana, along with Louisiana and Mississippi, challenged Biden’s order mandating vaccination of federal contractors in
federal court in Louisiana. We are seeking a preliminary injunction that would prevent this order from going into effect while
the court reviews its lawfulness. 

• Federal HHS issued a rule that would require all childcare and child development facilities that utilize federal Head Start
funds to require all staff to be vaccinated and require masks of all children at least 2 years old. Attorney General Todd Rokita
filed suit against the Biden administration and won an immediate injunction against the Head Start rule.
Amicus Briefs
The SG Division provided national leadership by writing and filing more than a dozen multi-state amicus briefs in important and
high-profile cases pending before the U.S. Supreme Court, lower federal courts and the Indiana Court of Appeals. The amicus
briefs the SG Division filed this year spanned a variety of cutting-edge legal issues, including:
• Immigration, where the State filed amicus briefs opposing the Biden Administration’s attempts to rescind the Migrant
Protection Protocols, which have proven to be essential to addressing the immigration crisis at America’s southern border. 

• Religious liberty, where the State filed amicus briefs supporting the application of the ministerial exception and churchautonomy doctrine in multiple cases.
• Energy and climate change, where the State filed amicus briefs supporting the defendant oil companies’ efforts to remove
to federal court lawsuits seeking to hold the companies liable for the costs of global climate change under a common-law
public-nuisance theory

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