Mora organization Scholarships for Mississippi senior high school Graduate


Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency would like to inform you of our scholarship program for Mississippi senior
high school graduates. We will be awarding the Allie Carruth Memorial Scholarship for $5,000, the Matthew
Gaskin Memorial Scholarship for $1,000, the Annie Lucious Gift of Life Scholarship for $1,000, the Dr. Shirley
Schlessinger Scholarship for $1,000 and two scholarships for $500 each to deserving students who apply for
the scholarship and fulfill the requirements listed below. You do not have to be a registered donor to apply
for the scholarships.
Scholarship Guidelines:

 1. The student must be a graduating senior from an accredited Mississippi high school.
2. After graduation from high school, the student must be accepted by or have intentions of fall enrollment in
either a junior college or university.
3. Two letters of recommendation: one from a school teacher and one from an adult of your choice (It can be
from another teacher).
4. An essay of 300 to a maximum of 750 words will be required on one of the following topics:
a. Why you are a registered organ and tissue donor
b. The importance of encouraging others to be an organ and tissue donor
c. How have you or your family been affected by organ and tissue donation or by transplantation of organs
and /or tissue
d. Why you want to be an organ and tissue donor
Postmarked no later than midnight Monday, October 17, 2022 ---Mail or hand deliver to the address below. 

Be sure to include your scholarship application, your essay and two letters of recommendations.
Susan Bonds
c/o MORA
499 Gloster Creek Suite F1
Tupelo, MS 38801
Email me at Scholarship winners will be notified in the spring of 2023
Scholarship Application form is printed on the back of this sheet

The sheet access from this link

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