Mississippi Educators Scholarships for residents , and American citizens

Mississippi Professional Educators will award up to ten scholarships in the amount of $1,000
each to non-certified MPE members who wish to pursue undergraduate studies at a college or
university in Mississippi.
The scholarship is available to any educator who:
• Is a non-certified member of MPE and has been an active member of MPE a minimum of
one year immediately prior to the application deadline. 

• Will be employed in a non-certified position in Mississippi during the 2022-2023 school
• Is accepted and enrolled in undergraduate coursework at a Mississippi college or
university OR who intends to enroll in such coursework.
Procedures for submission:
• Application packets must be in the MPE office by 4:30 pm on Friday, October 7, 2022, to
be eligible for review
• All materials, including the completed application and all items from the checklist, must
be submitted and all materials must be accurate and completely filled out including:
⎯ An official transcript(s) of all undergraduate course work, if applicable
⎯ Resume' of professional experience, education, awards and service
⎯ Documentation (a letter from the principal OR a letter from the central
office) that the applicant is an employee in good standing.
⎯ An essay (500 to 600 words) discussing how this scholarship will impact your
educational goals.
⎯ Photograph for use in the MPE Journal
Scoring and Ranking of the Award winners: The applications will be ranked in four areas and
a total of 20 points are available:
• 5 points for Years of Membership in MPE
• 5 points for Resume' 

• 5 points for Years of Non-Certified Professional Educational Experience
• 5 points for Essay on Assigned Topic
MPE will award two scholarships to the highest ranked applicants from each of Mississippi’s
four congressional districts and will award two scholarships to the highest ranked applicants in
the remaining pool of applications (the state at large).

 If MPE does not have any applicants from
a congressional district or applications that meet minimal point requirements, MPE will award
that scholarship to the next highest ranked applicant from the state at large. In the event of a tie,
the applicant with the most years of MPE membership will be awarded the scholarship.
The scholarship will be paid directly to the Mississippi college or university at which the noncertified personnel is enrolled or plans on attending if he/she receives the scholarship. A
scholarship recipient will not be eligible to re-apply for a subsequent MPE Non-Certified
Personnel Scholarship if he/she withdraws from coursework or does not maintain at least a “C”
MPE will invite all scholarship recipients to be our guest at MPE’s 2023 Best Practices
Symposium on April 1, 2023. MPE will pay mileage expenses and will waive registration fees
for all Non-Certified Scholarship recipients.
All scholarships are given at the discretion of MPE and its professional staff. All submitted
applications become property of MPE and cannot be returned. All rulings are final.

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