smartphones changing in contradictory way

 Smartphone has changed a lot in an extremely contradictory way. The first stage of the mobile
phone era began in 1985 with the Vodafone desktop V1 with 4.9 kg heavy. With 4.9 kg, the V1
depended on telephone line which has made Vodafone V1 only be put in place and cannot bear
to go. The users required a more mobile and smaller device, about one year later, the Motorola
8000X was presented, but it still cannot be stuffed into customers pockets. Years later, the
modern phone generation appeared. From 1989 to 2010, 

Nokia - Motorola - BlackBerry's were
the big three markets held at that time.
Until 2007, when Apple released the first iPhone, the market all began to change gradually,
smartphone concept was born, touch screens replace the traditional QWERTY keypad and of
course the phone size from began to become bigger again. HTC Desire with a 3.7 inch screen,
and then the period phablet with 5.3-inch Galaxy Note in 2011.
Let’s have a quick glance at any major smart phone brand and you'll find out that they all have
a similar pattern: The screen size is getting bigger, year after year, model after model. Let's start
with an audit of the Android smart phone world's most famous line-just look at the size of
Samsung phones climbing up the first chart below. Not to be outdone, HTC has kept pace with
the escalating size screen of Samsung, and Nokia have followed industry trends with its Lumia
GRAPH 4. Samsung Galaxy S Screen Size Over Time (Adapted from Techlicious 2015)
Even Apple had described the iPhone 4-inch screen of it as a "brilliant display of common
sense" -appears ready to follow its rivals. Recently, Apple has released the IPhone 6 which
is 4’7 inch and the IPhone 6 Plus with 5’5 inch.
GRAPH 5. Smartphone Screen size over years (Adapted from 2015)
There are plenty of different reasons for this to happen. The first be name should be it’s the
marketing campaign play by smartphone manufacturers. Apparently, customers are much more
interested in new hardware design than those flashy software features.

 It is easier to develop a
bigger scale and then scale it down to where the application supports consumer trends. In the
end, it is about consumer satisfaction, and eventually, it will affect the competition. On
smartphones with smaller screen, it takes forever to find the button to scroll to the next page
when reading online. Reading email or watching films feel much better on a big screen. Part of
the reason behind the switching back to screen larger smartphone has to do with the functionality
of the application. As mobile marketing becomes more important, the blending of technology
as well. How do you combine web, mobile technologies, and mobile shopping? The answer is
to increase the screen size.
The second scenario for this new trend could be the influence created by iconic brands on the
field. There may be more than 1000 phones on the market, but only about half a dozen
dominated headlines and sales. 

With each successful change (eg, display of iPhone 4, or the
development in camera in Lumia), other phone has quickly followed. This may also true for
screen size. Or perhaps, manufacturers have always wanted to make bigger screen but the
technology in the past didn’t allow that. We are now experiencing a booming era of new
technology so maybe it is possible for smartphone makers to start making phones with big
Smartphone used to be seen as a combination of three others devices: a music player, a mobile
web browser and a cellphone. However, it is now popular all over the world. Almost everyone
owns one. Since it has become primary device, manufacturers have made it into multi-functional
machine. Customers can do anything with their phones, from watching films to buying stuffs
from the internet. Apparently, smartphone is step by step replacing laptop. The smartphone is
no longer just a phone, but a hybrid of device and a bigger screen allows it to function all of
these roles at once.

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