Shifting potential markets of smart phones


3 Shifting in potential markets
Recently, Apple has opened 5 stores in China which is a first step of adding 40 retail stores
across the country in 2016 (Colt 2015). The plan seems to be working. China has surpassed
Europe to be the second biggest market after the USA. This is a sign proving there is a shifting
in smartphone potential markets. 

For a long time, USA and Europe are the leading markets for
many manufacturers. But not anymore, smartphone companies have a tendency in moving their
focus to Africa and Asia continents.
The earnings Apple received for the fourth quarter in China has grown to $12.5 billion, up from
$5.7 billion, which accounted for 99% change (Pressman, 2015). The company also managed
to sell 13 million IPhone 6 on its opening weekend, beating the 10 million record the year before.
With this speed, soon the world's biggest country will be the most vital market for the world's
largest company.
Beside China, there are many others Asia countries that are considered as potential market. Take
Vietnam for example, 

Vietnam is now the fastest growing smartphone market in Southeast Asia
where sales have reach $8 billion in the first half of 2015. According to a market research, 39.8
million devices have been sold, making it the third largest market in area, after Thailand (with
13% rose) and Philippines (16% rose). Recently, Samsung and LG has determined to build their
factories in Vietnam. Samsung has invested more $15 billion into Vietnam. Leader of Samsung
Electronics has commented that Vietnam is a dynamic market with a young population, always
ready to receive new technology trends, a potential market for the introduction of new
The same thing is happening in Africa, in 2019, feature phones will account for 27% mobile
market in Africa, the smartphone market with price below US $ 100 per unit will continue to
develop. A recent report by the consulting firm Global Technology, International Data
Corporation (IDC) predicted smartphone shipments will reach 155 million units by the end of
2015 in the Middle East and Africa will rise 66% in the first quarter of 2015 (Sibusiso
Tshabalala 2015)

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