Nokia and Blackberry starts

 Nokia was founded by Fredrik Idestam in 1871 but not until 1967 the Nokia Group (Nokia
Corporation) has been born after the merger of three subsidiaries: Nokia Company (Nokia
Aktiebolag), Finnish Rubber Works Ltd (Suomen Gummitehdas Oy) and Finnish Cable Works
Ltd (Suomen Kaapelitehdas Oy) (Gordon 2013). 20 years later, Nokia first launched a mobile
phone called Mobira Cityman 900 (Goodwin 2015). Nokia is also a key member in the
development of GSM technology - technology that so far it is still popular worldwide. But
perhaps, the product that made Nokia to become the "king" is the development of Symbian OS.
And from this group have dominated Finnish phone market in the world for several years after
the defeat of the Microsoft Windows Mobile. It is no coincidence that of the 20 best-selling
phone in history, Nokia has completely dominated, not only monopolize the top, but also
accounted for more than half of them. Nokia gained popularity worldwide in many countries to
a level that one cannot speak about phones without mention Nokia.
2007 might be the milestone for Nokia when Apple unexpectedly launched the first iPhone,
which has redefined the mobile phone as a device that close to a personal computer with touch
screen applications and batch of extremely attractive applications. From here, the world's largest
market capitalization has been reduced to 75% while Apple's value has skyrocketed. Not only
does the smartphone market that caused pain to Nokia but even low - end phone market has also
increasingly been constrained by the pressure of Android smartphones. QI / 2012, Nokia
officially to abdicate the market leader mobile phone to Samsung, ending 14 consecutive years
in this unique position. At this time it was said that Stephen Elop chose the wrong strategy for
Nokia when he decided to use Windows Phone OS

On May 1/2013, Nokia officially announce the death of Symbian operating system when it has
no value to investors, customers, partners and on 2/9/2014, Nokia announced it had sold the
array device and its services along with a number of patents to Microsoft for $ 7.2 billion
(Warren 2015). This acquisition was completed in the first quarter / 2014. This has put an end
to Nokia. Because after this deal, Nokia will not produce any mobile devices and the company
will only focus on technology and patent rights.
4.2.3 Blackberry
Blackberry Limited or Research in Motion Limited (RIM) s a Canadian telecommunications
companies and wireless devices. It is popular for brand of smartphones and tablets, but also well
known worldwide as a provider of security software and high reliability for industrial
applications and mobile device management. Blackberry used to be a dominant company in the
smartphone market with 43% US market share in 2010 but for the past few years, the company
has been experiencing a sharp decline in profit.
There are several reasons for the failure of Blackberry. Blackberry internal disagreements
arising from the early days of the iPhone appeared on the market. Half of the leaders wanted to
develop touch phone to catch up with new consumer trends while the other half wanted
BlackBerry to retain its identity with the handset using the physical keyboard. The disagreement
lasted until the end of 2010, when Thorsten Heins –

 CEO of Blackberry wanted to launch Z10
– a touchscreen smartphone. However, co-founder Michael Lazaridis has opposed the plan,
saying it is a wrong decision. Heins did not listen and the result is terrible. Blackberry has
reported losses of $ 965 million, most of this loss is due to expenses incurred due to increase in
unsold Z10 in the market (Ranger 2013).
Blackberry OS was developed based on an old platform, it was less attractive than IOS and
Android. In addition, RIM also made too many regulations before allowing applications to run
on BlackBerry and this makes the creation of the developers stunted. "Developers want to be
welcomed, not to be controlled". That was the reason that applications like Instagram or Tumblr
have said no to BlackBerry. Failure in America (impossible to co-operate with Verizon to defeat
the duo of iPhone and AT & T), along with the inability to penetrate the Chinese market, the
BlackBerry seems to have lost two big markets. The company now only has few remaining loyal
users in North America, several European countries and Southeast Asia.

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