Japan and Europe pollution percentage

Capital expenditures for pOllution control equipment in
Japan's steel industry were $378 million.~nfiscal year 1974,
$573 million in fiscal year 1975, and $704 in fiscal year 1976
(6). (Japanese fiscal years end on March 31). These expenditures aver aged 18.1 percent of total capital expend i tures by
Japanese steel producers during these years (6). Operating
costs for pollution control for the Big Five steel producers
were $ 9~ 97 per metr ic ton at the end of 1974 (25). 

One Japanese
consulting firm that studied pollution control costs for steel
predicted that operating costs for pollution control in the
Japanese steel industry will increase to $19 per metric ton
and that this will increase production costs about 8.6 percent
(25) .
A recent OECD study (26) provides information on pOllution
control in the European steel industry. In Germany, steel
companies spent about $340 million on pollution control equipment from ~97l through 1974. These expenditures amounted to
3.9 percent of total investment by the industry in 1971, 8.8
percent in 1972, 14.0 percent in 1973, and 13.7 percent in
1974 (26, table 7, p. 133J. In Belgium, the value of pollution
control equipment in place in the steel industry at the beginning of 1975 was estimated at $180 million (26, p. 173). This
amounts to about 8.7 percent of total investment by Belgian
steel producers from 1965 through 1975 or about 12.2 percent
of their total investment from 1970 through 1975. Programs
called for expenditures on pollution control equipment by the
Belgian steel industry of about $9 milli~~ ln 1975; if they
were car r ied out, they would have amounted to about 2. 8 per~
cent of the total steel investment in Belgium in 1975. Future
programs for the steel industry call for pollution control
equipment expenditures of about $134 million from 1976 through
1980 (26, p. 173J. European steel officials interviewed for
this study in 1975 said that 17 percent of their new investment was scheduled for pollution control equipment.

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