Data description and set of data used for EC


Data Descr iption
The fundamental set of data used for EC cost estimations
was the unit values, in u.s. dollars, on intra-European sales of
the selected carbon steel products. These data are a measure of
average revenue and were obtained from the Statistical Office of
the European Community (31).
11/ Even some non-steel profits will be included to the
extent that the steel producers are diversified.
Three series of unit values were available: export values,
intra-community trade, and sales of producers within their own
nations. The export series has the lowest unit values, while
sales within the producers' own nations has the highest. The
selected series on intra-European Community trade is most
reflective of the mean.
The average revenue data were adjusted by the factor:
(1 - the rate of return on sales). The r~6ul~ is, by
accounting definition, average costs. The rate of return on
sales data were constructed from data reported, for the years
1961-71, by the International Iron and Steel Institute (7).
For cold rolleã sheet,

 data from (31) were used, which
is translated as uncoated sheets less than three millimeters.
It is known, from data reported by the European Coal and Steel
Community (5), that only a small proportion of uncoated sheets
of less than three millimeters is hot rolled.
The calculated import duties are available for the years
1969-74 from the U.S. Census Bureau (35). The European costs
were adjusted upward by the percentage of the tariff.
Since 1974, the Census Bureau (39) has been publishing
data from which unit values may be calculated on both a c. i. f.
and f.o.b. basis. The difference between the c.i.f. and f.o.b.
un i t val ue, was used as the est imate of tr anspor ta t ion costs.
. Transportation costs as a percentage of f .o.b. values were
obtained and European costs were adjusted upward by this percentage for all years in the study. The result is an estimate
of European delivered costs to the U.S., including tariff.
At the time of this writing, the intra-Community unit value
data were unavailable for the years after 1973, F.o .b. unit
value data on exports from West Germany into the U.S. on the
three product categories were obtained from the U.S. Bureau of
..~ .
the Census (40). The average difference between this study's
estimate and the Census f .o.b. unit values for the years 1968-73
was obtained. That õifference was aòded to the Census unit
values for the year 1974 to obtain the estimate for HRS and
CRS in that year. ~/
The U.S. average revenue is unit value data obtained
from (35). The average costs were obtained by adjusting
the average revenue for the profit rate on revenue.

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