District teacher support DTST

 District Teacher Support Team (DTST)
The District Teacher Support Team provides an anchor for improving the quality of
teaching and learning at the district level. It provides support to schools in the area of
good practices in literacy, numeracy, leadership and problem solving.
The Whole School Development Programme (WSD)
The WSD is one of the strategies employed by the Ghana Education Service for
mainstreaming all interventions for the achievement of FCUBE objectives. Its focus is to
provide support for developing competent teachers, motivated teachers, motivated
children, informed and concerned community, effective utilization of school resources,
and professional leadership of headtecahers.
The implementation of this programme over the years has helped to expand access,
improve quality teaching and learning, improve the supply of logistics and curricula
development, and leadership in participating schools. 

Supply of Teaching and Learning Materials
The supply of teaching and learning materials is also receiving the necessary attention.
Under the Book Scheme for Basic Schools, 5 million supplementary readers and 440,000
atlases were supplied to public Junior Secondary Schools this year as a result of which a
total of 1,316,216 supplementary readers have been supplied to Junior Secondary
Schools. Private Basic Schools and Senior Secondary Schools also have access to
government procured and printed textbooks. 

Decentralization and Community Participation
Management of school have been decentralized with much opportunity given to
communities and district assemblies to participate in managing schools. District
Assemblies in Ghana have the responsibility to build, equip and maintain schools under
their areas of jurisdiction. One hundred and ten District Assemblies have established
District Education funds for this purpose.
Technical Education
Technical and vocational education has been give a boost with the ongoing establishment
of 20 Technical/Vocational Resource Centres throughout the country (2 in each region).
At the moment Ghana can boast of 23 public technical institutes and several private ones
including Vocational Institution. The private sector is contributing a lot in providing
quality education at the secondary level. The private second cycle schools have a total
enrolment of 90,000. Although there is much achievement in this field, beneficiaries of
the technical and vocational education in the country have been equipped with technical
and professional Skills needed for self-employment.

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