Welsh , Arabian ,thorough breed , and paint horses

s important that we continue
growing together even when
we cannot spend time
together! Our team compiled
this book of horse breeds to
keep you engaged and learning
all about our equine friends!
Tap Dance is a Welsh Cob
Welsh Cob
Read about the breed
The breed originated in Wales and Great Britain in the 1600's and were later used
in Great Britain's Coal Mines! Welsh Cobs were introduced to the United States in
the late 1800's and were used in the agriculture industry. These beautiful equines
make wonderful companions. They're seen across the country today in many
different disciplines including show jumping, fox hunting, therapeutic riding, 

competitive driving. Welsh Cobs can come in any solid color you can imagine!
Bay, Chestnut, Black, Grey, you name it! Our Welsh Cob, Tap Dance, is a fleabitten grey!
Look up pictures of Welsh Cobs. What are some features that make them
different from other equine breeds?
Stinky is an Arabian
Read about the breed
Arabians are one of the oldest breeds of horses. They have been around for about
4,500 years! Known for their beautiful head-set and high-set tail, these horses
have been a source of inspiration for artists all over the world! Arabian horses
were first bred in the Middle East, and were brought to regions in Egypt and
Rome to be ridden in the calvary. Arabians are known for their speed and
endurance. The breed was introduced to America in the 1600s. Almost every other
breed in America has some Arabian bloodlines! Arabians are used today in many
disciplines including endurance riding, dressage, and barrel racing.

horses are typically black, chestnut, grey, or white. Our Arabian, Stinky is a former
15 time Virginia Western Pleasure State Champion!
Why would an Arabian horse be a good addition to a Therapeutic Riding center?
River is a Thoroughbred
Read about the breed
Thoroughbreds are direct descendants of Arabian horses! This breed was
developed selectively to promote horse racing in England. The whole breed can
be traced back to three "foundation" horses. Thoroughbreds are usually larger
than Arabians and some of their key features include a broad chest, tall and
lanky stature, and a lot of muscle! This breed was designed to run very fast for
short periods of time. American Thoroughbreds come in just about any color you
can imagine! Although they were primarily bred for horse racing, they are in high
demand in other disciplines like show jumping, cross country, and barrel racing!
Our Thoroughbred, River used to compete in 3 star eventing!
Can you name 3 famous Thoroughbreds?
Lovey is a Quarter Horse
Quarter Horse
Read about the breed
Quarter horses, like thoroughbreds, were bred to run short distances. The name
"Quarter Horse" was coined because this breed can frequently outrun others in
races under a quarter mile! Quarter Horses were introduced to the United States
in the early 1600's and took over the horse racing industry.

 Quarter Horses were
bred with Thoroughbreds to give them a "leg up" in the horse-racing world.
Quarter Horses still race in many breed-specific races, but they are one of the
most common breeds to see in lesson programs teaching new riders because of
their laid-back demeanor and their study build. The American Quarter Horse is
the most popular breed in the United States today, and the American Quarter
Horse Association is the largest breed registry in the world. 

Quarter horses come
in nearly all colors. Our Quarter Horse Lovey is paint colored!
What are some other horse disciplines Quarter Horses are used for today?
Jasper is an Appendix
Read about the breed
An Appendix is a cross between a registered quarter horse and a registered
thoroughbred. The ideal result is a horse with the quarter horse's calmer
disposition and the thoroughbred's athletic ability. One of the best
characteristics of Appendix horses is their versatility. With the proper training they
can excel in any discipline. Their appearance and height can vary based on
bloodlines, it is not unheard of to have a 17 hand Appendix, and there have been
some as little as 14.2 hands! Appendix horses can also come in any color! Our
Appendix, Jasper is 16 hands tall and dun colored!
Due to their laid back personality, why do you think Appendix horses would be a
good addition to a therapeutic riding program?

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