Arkansas Division of Higher Education Scholarships

 Arkansas Division of Higher Education
Rules Governing Arkansas Governor’s Scholars Program
Policy Statement
A scholarship program to promote academic excellence and to encourage the state's most
talented graduates to enroll in Arkansas postsecondary educational institutions is created and
established which shall be cited as the Arkansas Governor's Scholars Program. These rules shall
be known as the Arkansas Department Division of Higher Education Rules Governing the
Arkansas Governor’s Scholars Program. 

This policy addresses the student eligibility criteria,
method for recipient selection, and continuing eligibility requirements procedures for making
payments to an approved institution of higher education and other administrative procedures
necessary for operation of the program.
Applicable Arkansas Code
Arkansas Code Annotated § 6-82-301 et. Seq.
(1) "Academic ability" means the intellectual standing of a student. In determining superior
academic ability, the Department Division of Higher Education shall examine the student's
high school records, competitive examination scores, and demonstrated leadership
(2) “Academic Year” means fall, spring, first and second summer semesters in that order, or as
defined by the Department Division of Higher Education;

 (3) "Approved institution" means a public or private college or university:
(A) Which is dedicated to educational purposes, located in Arkansas, or located out of
state and educating Arkansas residents in dentistry, optometry, veterinary medicine,
podiatry, chiropractic, or osteopathy under agreement with the Board of Control for
Southern Regional Education, accredited by an accrediting agency certified and
recognized by the United States Department of Education or the Division of Agency
Evaluation and Institutional Accreditation, or a school giving satisfactory assurance that
it has the potential for accreditation and is making progress which, if continued, will
result in its achieving accreditation;
(B) Which does not discriminate in the admission of students on the basis of race, color,
religion, sex, or national origin;

(C) Which subscribes to the principle of academic freedom;
(4) “Arkansas resident” means a natural person who provides evidence deemed sufficient by
the Department Division of Higher Education. Such evidence includes but is not limited to
a valid Arkansas voter’s registration card; valid Arkansas motor vehicle driver’s license;
Arkansas residence address used for federal or state tax purposes; or claims Arkansas as a
residence to hold public office or for judicial actions;
(5) "Competitive examination" means a standardized examination measuring achievement
which is administered annually on a specified date and at a specified location and which is
announced publicly;
(6) "Department" “Division” means the Department Division of Higher Education;
(7) "Eligible student" means a resident of the State of Arkansas as defined by the Department
Division of Higher Education who:
(A) Is eligible for admission as a full-time student;
(B) Declares an intent to matriculate in an approved institution in Arkansas; 

(C) Graduates from:
(i) A high school in this state, for Arkansas Governor's Scholars; or
(ii) A high school, for Arkansas Governor's Distinguished Scholars;
(8) (A) "Extraordinary academic ability" means:
(i) Achievement of a score superscore of 32 or above on the American College
Test (ACT) or a score of 1410 or above on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT);
(ii) (a) Achievement of a high school grade point average of 3.5 or above on a 4.0
scale; or
(b) Selection as a finalist in either the National Merit Scholarship competition,
the National Hispanic Recognition Program, or the National Achievement
Scholarship competition conducted by the National Merit Scholarship
(B)The American College Test scores and Scholastic Aptitude Test scores superscores
shall be earned by December 31 prior to the application deadline in order for the scores to
be considered by the department division for a scholarship award;

(9) "Full-time student" means a resident of Arkansas who is in attendance at an approved
private or public institution and who is enrolled in at least twelve (12) credit hours the first
semester and fifteen (15) hours thereafter, or other reasonable academic equivalent as
defined by the department division;
(10) “Part-time student” means a resident of Arkansas who is in attendance at an approved
private or public institution and who is enrolled in less than fifteen (15) credit hours for
their fourth academic year;
(11) “Scholarship" means an award to an eligible student for matriculation in an approved
institution in the State of Arkansas;

 (12) "Undergraduate student" means an individual who is enrolled in a postsecondary
educational program, which leads to or is directly creditable toward the individual's first
baccalaureate degree;
(13) “U.S. Citizen” means the student must be either a United States citizen or a permanent
resident alien. If the student is not a United States citizen, but a permanent resident alien,
the student must attach a copy of the permanent resident alien form I 151, I 551, I 94, or G
641 to the application.

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