second List of Rotary and other scholarships in the whole States of America for international students

 J. W. Saxe Memorial Fund
Annual $1,000 scholarship to one or more undergraduate or graduate students working in public and civil service.
The award is meant to enable the student to gain practical experience in public service by taking a no-pay or lowpay job or internship during a summer or other term. Deadline: mid-March.

Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Arts Award
Graduating seniors or recent alumni. Open to students in the performing arts, visual arts, and creative writing to
pursue a graduate degree at any accredited university in the US or abroad. Award is up to $50,000 per year for up to
3 years. Deadline: mid-February.
Jack Kent Cooke Dissertation Fellowship Award
For advanced doctoral students whose dissertation proposal has been accepted. Focus on high-achieving, lowincome students to enable their better understanding of their educational pathways and experiences and enable
parents, policymakers, and practitioners to better support such students in achieving their full potential. One-time
award of up to $25,000, which may be used for a period of 9 to 18 months. Deadline: early February.
Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarships
Community college students who are sophomores or recent alumni. Open to all fields of study at any accredited
university in the US or abroad. Meant to enable community college students to transfer to a 4-year institution in
order to complete a bachelor’s degree. Award is up to $30,000 per year for an average of 2.5 years. Deadline: late
Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Advanced Studies
A two-year program intended to help Japanese nationals obtaining Ph.D. degrees in macroeconomics and preparing
them to work as economists at the International Monetary Fund (IMF). JISP covers all reasonable expenses for two
years of graduate study Deadline: late January.

Japan Inter-American Development Bank Scholarship Program
Scholarship program for students from the Bank’s borrowing member countries (see website) who wish to pursue
Master's degree in development-related fields, such as social sciences, business, public administration or other
related disciplines (except law and medicine). Scholarship recipients may attend accredited institutions offering
Master's programs, located in any of the member countries. The scholarship provides benefits covering full tuition,
university medical and accident insurance, an installation allowance, a monthly subsistence allowance, a book
allowance, and economy class travel. Deadline variable per region.
John Bayliss Radio Scholarship
$5,000 scholarships for juniors and seniors majoring in Broadcast Communications. Although financial need is a
consideration, students of merit with an extensive history of radio-related activities are given preference. Deadline:
early Spring (applied towards study in the fall semester)
John Kenneth Galbraith Policy Fellowship Program
For recent college graduates and graduate students. Fellows are selected from a national pool of applicants and must
demonstrate strong research/writing skills, community service, a commitment to liberal ideals, and plans for future
study or a career in public policy or economics. Fellowship start dates are in February, June, or September.
Applications must be received at least six weeks prior to start date.
Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Regular Program,,contentMDK:20276784~m
For individuals from World Bank member countries to undertake graduate studies at any university located in a
World Bank member country except their own. Suggested fields of study: economics, public administration, finance,
planning, health, population, agriculture, infrastructure, information systems and aquatic resources (provided that the
focus of study is on public policy aspects of these fields), environment and natural resource management, education,
and other development-related subjects. Deadline: early May.

Josephine de Karman Scholarships
$16,000 scholarship to support either the final year of study for juniors or for PhD candidates with ABD status. For
PhD candidates defending dissertations during application term and undergraduates entering their senior year.
Special consideration will be given to applicants in the Humanities. Deadline: late January.

Kate Neal Kinley Memorial Fellowship
Annual fellowship ($7,500; $15,000; or an alternate award of $1,000) for advanced study of Fine Arts to enhance
professional standing or to finance a special project. Preference for candidates under 25 years. Deadline: early

King Faisal Foundation Scholarship
Funding opportunity up to three years for Muslim students in Medicine, Engineering, and sciences (Physics,
Chemistry, and Geology). For study at an accredited European or North American university. Deadline: late May.
Kosciuszko Foundation
Awards a number of scholarships to qualified undergraduate and graduate students for full-time studies at accredited
colleges and universities in the United States. Must be a U.S. citizen of Polish descent or a Polish citizen with
permanent residency status in the U.S. Deadlines variable.
The Li Foundation, Inc. Student Scholar Grants
For graduate students from China (including Taiwan) to study international affairs in the U.S. for one to two years.
Scholars must be nominated by an approved Chinese educational or U.S. educational or research institution. Grant
provides funds to cover cost of living, professional expenses, and return transportation to China. Deadlines variable.
Leader of the Pack Scholarships
Provides funding for students who completed two semesters at NCSU and intend to remain there. Applicants must
also be recognized by their community as leaders. Deadline: late September.

Lindbergh Grants
Provides grants of up to $10,580 to men and women whose individual initiative and work in a wide spectrum of
disciplines furthers the Lindberghs’ vision of a balance between the advance of technology and the preservation of
the natural/human environment. Deadline: Early June.

M.A. Cartland Shackford Medical Fellowship
Series of fellowships ranging from $11,000-$25,000 based on either merit or need or both. For women graduates of
any American Institution study medicine with a view to general practice. Deadline: Early January.

MacDowell Colony Residencies
250 fellowships to artists in seven disciplines (architecture, music composition, film and video, interdisciplinary art,
theatre, visual art, and literature). Receive room, board, and exclusive use of one of the 32 studios on the property
Deadlines: mid-September (winter/spring), mid January (summer), mid April (fall)
Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund Grants
Awards five to six grants to women from developing countries about $11,000 each year to help further their
education and strengthen their leadership skills to improve the lives of women and children in the developing world.
Mayo Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Program
$5000 research fellowships for undergraduate students dedicated to scientific research alongside professional
biomedical scientists. Deadline: early February.
Microsoft Scholarships
Various scholarships for undergraduate students interested in computer science and related technical disciplines.
One year award for students attending institutions in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, required that the
student complete a salaried summer internship. Deadline: early February.

National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) Scholarships
Student members of NABJ, foreign or American born, currently attending or entering an accredited four-year
college/university in the U.S. or those who are candidates for graduate school are eligible for up to $25,000 per year.
Deadlines variable.

Nelson Mandela Scholarships
Up to 14 scholarships offered for disadvantaged South African students to pursue post graduate study in the United
Kingdom. Deadline: mid-September.
The Norway-America Association
Offers stipends to Norwegian citizens for graduate study and research in the U.S. Applicants must be members of
the Norway-America Association (NAA) and must have completed a minimum of a Bachelor's degree. Award
amounts range from $ 2,000 to $ 20,000. Deadline: early January.

Olive W. Garvey Fellowships
Biennial award to outstanding college students around the world through a competitive essay contest on the meaning
and significance of economic and personal liberty. Awards range from $1,000 - $2,500. Deadline: Late September.
Onassis Foundation Scholarships
Offers scholarships for Greek graduate for postgraduate and doctoral studies outside of Greece. Offers research
grants and educational scholarships in the Humanistic Sciences, Political Science, Law and Economics,
Architecture, Fine Arts, Music, Dance, Theatre, Photography, Cinema. Deadline: late January.
Organization of American States (OAS) Fellowships
For graduate study or research in any field except medical sciences or introductory language study. Studies may be
carried out by on-site or by distance education or a combination of both, and must always be undertaken on a fulltime basis. The scholarship is awarded for a minimum period of one academic year and a maximum of two
academic years.

Overseas Research Students Award Scheme
Set up by the Secretary of State for Education and Science in 1979 to attract high-quality international students to
the United Kingdom to undertake research. Provides funding to pay the difference between international student fees
and home EU fees for international students at UK institutions. Deadlines variable.

Open Society Institute (OSI) Individual Fellowships and Scholarships
Provides support for fellowships, scholarships, and related activities that empower individuals throughout the world
to improve the social, political, and intellectual environments of their home communities. Many scholarships and
fellowships available. Deadlines variable.

Open Society Institute (OSI) Global Supplementary Grant Program
Supplementary grants to students from select countries of Eastern and Central Europe, the former Soviet Union, and
Mongolia. Purpose is to enable qualified students to pursue doctoral studies in the humanities and social sciences at
accredited universities in Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle/Near East, and North America. Deadline: early April.

Paul and Daisy Soros Foundation Fellowship for New Americans
For seniors or recent graduates to pursue up to two years of graduate study in any field and in any advanced degreegranting program in the United States. Each award is for up to $25,000 in maintenance grants and up to $20,000 in
tuition support for each year of graduate study supported, a total of as much as $90,000. The program is intended to
support individuals who will continue to regard the U.S. as their principal residence and focus of national identity.
Deadline: early November.

P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship Fund
Provides scholarships to international women students to pursue graduate study in the U.S. or Canada. Maximum
scholarship is $8000, renewable for up to two years. Does not include travel costs.
Peace Scholar Dissertation Fellowship
Supports doctoral dissertations that explore the sources and nature of international conflict, and strategies to prevent
or end conflict and to sustain peace. Citizens of all countries are eligible, but must be enrolled in an accredited
college or university in the United States. Deadline: early January.

Peterhouse Research Studentships, University of Cambridge
Candidates must be graduates of a University in the United Kingdom or elsewhere, under 28 years of age, expecting
to work at Peterhouse. There is a central admissions scheme for postgraduate entry into the University of Cambridge
and it is not necessary to apply separately to Peterhouse. Deadlines: late June, September, December.

Phi Kappa Phi Fellowships
Sixty fellowships of $5,000 and forty Awards of Excellence of $2,000 each to members entering the first year of
graduate or professional study. Each Phi Kappa Phi chapter may select one candidate from among its local
applicants to compete for the Society-wide awards. Deadline: early April

Phillips Exeter Academy Fellowships & Internships
Six to eight recent college graduates join Phillip Exeter’s faculty as teaching interns. Aims to encourage talented
young men and women to become secondary school teachers and to help prepare them for such a career. For these
positions at least a bachelor's degree is required in the specific, advertised field or a related field.Rolling admission.
Rhodes Scholarships for Non-U.S. Citizens
1-3 years of study at Oxford University for citizens of Australia, Bangladesh, Bermuda, Canada,
Commonwealth Caribbean and Jamaica, Germany, Hong Kong, India Kenya, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan,
Singapore, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Deadline: Early October.

The Roothbert Fund Scholarship Program
Approximately 20 ($2,000-$3,000) awards are offered to students in the U.S. in need of financial aid to further their
education at the undergraduate or graduate level. The Fund seeks candidates who are "motivated by spiritual
values," and works to foster fellowship among them. Deadline: late January.
Rotalia Foundation
Scholarships and research grants for individuals in the U.S. and abroad who read, speak, and understand Estonian.
Grants are given at all levels – undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and for research. The foundation is
particularly interested in supporting qualified individuals in the U.S. to study in Estonia, and individuals in Estonia
to study in the U.S.
Rotary Peace Scholarships
Rotary Peace Fellows are leaders promoting national and international cooperation, peace, and the successful
resolution of conflict throughout their lives, in their careers, and through service activities. Fellows can earn either a
master’s degree in international relations, public administration, sustainable development, peace studies, conflict
resolution, or a related field, or a professional development certificate in peace and conflict resolution. Seventy
scholarships are offered worldwide. Deadline: early July.

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