Attorney general of indiana Annual report aspects of China vaccination , and more..

 Big Tech
Attorney General Todd Rokita took on Big Tech censorship with investigations into Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and
Twitter. The focus of the investigations is to probe how these companies have potentially harmed Indiana consumers
through business practices that are abusive, deceptive, and/or unfair.
Holcomb v. Bray
Standing strong in defense of Indiana’s constitutional separation of powers, Attorney General Todd Rokita secured an
important win from the Marion Superior Court in Holcomb v. Bray in October. The Court ruled that the Indiana General
Assembly may provide by law for a legislative session to commence if the Governor declares a statewide emergency,
upholding HEA 1123.
Parents’ Bill of Rights
Concerned parents passionate about their kids’ education are not terrorists as the NSBA would have you believe. To
support parents, Attorney General Todd Rokita created a Parents’ Bill of Rights to ensure parents know their rights
provided by law. Initially issued in June with an updated version released in November, the Parents’ Bill of Rights provides
guidance on issues of concern to parents, including social-emotional learning, 

participation at school board meetings,
open access to educational records, opting out of certain curricula, and filing civil rights complaints.
Vaccine Mandates
Attorney General Todd Rokita has filed multiple legal actions against President Biden to stop unlawful vaccine mandates
the administration is imposing on employers and employees across the country. 

Three weeks after Attorney General Todd Rokita announced an investigation into Valparaiso University’s association
with the Confucius Institutes, which are alleged to function as a propaganda arm of the Chinese Communist Party, the
university indicated it intends to end its relationship with its Confucius Institute in March 2022.
Election Integrity
In defense of election integrity, Attorney General Todd Rokita explained the dangers of the “For the People Act” in
testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on Rules & Administration. In his remarks, Attorney General Rokita argued
that “states should continue to hold elections in the manner that best suits each state.

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