The best Christmas horror movies


When the weather outside is terrible, it's time to treat yourself to a scary little Christmas with these seasonal movies, from truly scary to fun for the whole family.

The best Christmas horror movies

When the weather outside is terrible, it's time to treat yourself to a scary little Christmas.

Those who go to the theater can currently enjoy Stranger Things' David Hubble's Super Santa Claus in the newly released Night of Violence. But if you're looking for a not-so-quiet night at home (and maybe some creatures stirring), let the killing bells ring and enjoy a stocking filled with a playful list of our 15 favorite movies for the whole family to enjoy the horrors of classic Christmas grotesques.

Black Christmas (1974)

The best Christmas horror movies

IMAGE CREDIT: EVERETT COLLECTION Black Christmas(1974) Inspired by the "babysitter and man in the house" urban legend (and the extreme influence of John Carpenter's subgenre definition of Halloween), Bob Clarke's '70s classic takes place at fraternity during the Christmas holidays.A group of girls, including Margot Kidder and Olivia Hussey, are terrified by a strange caller who constantly harasses themWith dirty hysteria and sensational threats. While tensions are brewing in a way that only the best horror films can pull off, Black Christmas also reveals society's tendency not to take women seriously when they raise concerns. It is considered one of the first thrillers and went on to inspire two smaller remakes in 2006 and 2019.

The Thing (1982)

The best Christmas horror movies

While technically it doesn't happen around Christmas, John Carpenter's masterpiece takes place in the middle of winter at a remote research outpost in Antarctica, so we're going to count it. When alien shapeshifters infiltrate the base camp, that winter wonderland turns into a claustrophobic nightmare. The atmosphere was low, but the tension was high as everyone (including Kurt Russell and Keith David) became more skeptical and paranoid as they tried to flesh out the identity of the impostor. Thing is one of those rare sci-fi horror films that, thanks to its suspenseful pacing and Rob Bottin's ground breaking practical effects, has stood the test of time and left you both stiff and scared.

Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

The best Christmas horror movies

"Christmas Eve is the scariest night of the year" According to little Billy's aging grandfather, who warned Billy 4-year-olds that Santa Claus will not only reward good kids, but punish bad ones. This premonition came true a few hours later when his parents were massacred by a carjacker dressed as old St. Nick himself, leaving the toddler to suffer further moral trauma in an orphanage run by domineering nuns from hell. But once the now-grown Billy (Robert Bryan Wilson) is forced to wear a red suit because of his retail job, his Santa Claus pops up as a judge, jury and executioner on the Naughty or Good People list. Between ominous animatronics and irresistible 80s hyperbole, Christmas Eve, Fatal Night's Christmas killings didn't disappoint, including hanging under festive lights, decapitation in a sleigh, and being impaled by a reindeer (well, a stripped specimen of a stag, but still).

Jack Frost (1997)

The best Christmas horror movies

Your nose won't be the only thing he bites. No, this isn't Michael Keaton's family-friendly movie of the same name, although some unsuspecting 90s kids may have been traumatized after renting the wrong video. This cult classic tells the story of a serial killer (Scott MacDonald) who turns into a murderous snowman when his prison vehicle collides with a gene truck filled with lab lab acid. Paired with icy acting and witty lines, this is exactly the absurdity of a low-budget holiday horror film you'd expect from the '90s. It's flawed and thawed, but it's an abominable movie worth thawing.

Inside (2007)

The best Christmas horror movies

New wave French horror films are not for the faint of heart. Movies like Martyrs and Tensions can even get Eli Roth wet his shorts, and Inside is no exception. Brutal, brutal and bloody, the film follows a Christmas Eve burglary in which a mysterious woman (Beatrice Dale) tries to steal an unborn baby from the pregnant belly of another woman (Alison Palladis). Inside is a bit more twisty than crutch candy and a heart-wrenching nightmare – if you have an appetite.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010)

The best Christmas horror movies

This Finnish horror action comedy is unique. Traversing genres, the ingenious and twisty story explores the myth of Santa Claus as archaeologists dig what they believe to be the original Santa Claus deep in the frozen mountains. It's a dark fantasy that kills reindeer, missing children, and a coldly funny rendition of a legend you think you know.

Krampus (2015)

The best Christmas horror movies

Fans of Michael Dougherty's Trick 'r Treat will feel at home on holiday with this twisted story that shows that there is a real horror in this world that is scarier than forced family gatherings. Everyone knows the rules for when Santa Claus comes to town, but this film explores the lesser-known anti-Santa Krampus lure.In the midst of a terrifying winter storm, a family (led by Adam Scott and Tony Colette) is stalked by the beast and his evil elves. They may have a hard time breaking the curse, But the real torture is still your in-laws.

A Christmas Horror Story (2015)

The best Christmas horror movies

What do Krampus, a group of undead elves, bloodthirsty changers and William Shatner have in common? They are all part of this horror anthology, loosely linked through the framework of Shatner's hosting radio show. Each story is intertwined throughout the film, telling the story of teenage horror, icy family hatred, and carnivorous elves. It has something in store for everyone under the trees – including the ultimate snowfall between Santa and Krampus.

Better Watch Out (2016)

The best Christmas horror movies

If you're wondering what an R-rated Home Alone will look like, look no further. This is a movie where you know that the less the better, because this wild sleigh ride will keep you on your toes.Blending dark comedy with some truly scary moments when a boy (Levi Miller) and his babysitter (Olivia DeJung) meet an uninvited guest, it's a complex and crazy game of rat traps. So hang up stockings and paint cans – don't forget to lock the door.

Anna and the Apocalypse (2017)

The best Christmas horror movies

Feeling good about the Scottish Christmas zombie musical? It shouldn't have worked, but it did - oh my God, did it take a bite? Combining Shaun the zombie with song and dance youth, a group of teenagers (led by Anna, played by Ella Hunt) fight for survival as they are separated from their loved ones during the zombie outbreak. Surviving the apocalypse and adolescence is never easy, but these teenagers kill and sing along the way amid hordes of undead for safety. With some really poignant moments and infectious melodies, you'll find that this is a Christmas movie that will really immerse you.

The Lodge (2019)

The best Christmas horror movies

This superb slow-melting, psychological horror film tells the story of a neurotic woman (Leilly Kio) who spends days alone with her new fiancé's children (Jaden Martell and Leah McHugh), who sees the Shining's secluded mania coupled with modern surrealist elements. Just days before Christmas, the cottage creates a tense atmosphere of suspense and insanity in a remote winter cabin. Keough's Grace, the sole survivor of the suicide cult she grew up with, swapped PTSD for PTA because the movie raises the question: "She's crazy, yet. "Or are children too scary? ”

Silent Night (2021)

The best Christmas horror movies

In Christmas Eve, Keira Knightley and Matthew Goode are throwing a killer Christmas party – no exaggeration. After a global catastrophe, a poison cloud is killing everything alive, and a group of family and friends come together for the last night of revelry. The joy was interrupted when arguments arose about whether to take government-provided "withdrawal drugs" to die painlessly before the gas arrived. Selfishness, suicide, and Scrabble are all fair games until everything calms down, uh, not so bright.

And for the whole family….

Gremlins (1984)

The best Christmas horror movies

When it's into the festive spirit, there's nothing like a cute and cute Mogwai that says Christmas better, right? Don't let the PG rating on the poster fool you, this classic biometric led to PG-13. When it was released in June 1984, the bio-feature film produced by Steven Spielberg, which tells the story of the mischievous elf that wreaked havoc on the town on Christmas Eve, was criticized for subjecting children to violence — a refrain that Spielberg had become familiar with after the premieres of Indiana Jones and Templar. In response, the industry magnate suggested that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) add a new level to its rating system, and you don't overlook Spielberg. Regardless of the rating, Gremlins has impressive real-world effects and some delightful black comedy that constitutes a well-rounded classic that defies the genre and defines a generation.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

The best Christmas horror movies

Once a cultural classic for Disney's ugly stepson, The Pre-Christmas Nightmare was originally released by Touchstone Pictures for fear it would be too scary, and the House of Rats eventually took it back after proving it to be a holiday fun. Adapted a poem by self-made filmmaker Tim Burton,

Henry Selick directs this stop-motion musical, which tells the story of the residents of Halloween Town taking over Christmas (though he's currently frustrated that Burton often receives the most creative accolades). The songs were written by Danny Elfman – who also sung for lead character Jack – and Catherine O'Hara voiced Jack's lover, Sally. This strange film is both visually striking and endlessly original, This strange film is a multi-sensory and multi-season gift.

A Christmas Carol

The best Christmas horror movies

When Charles Dickens was released in 1843, the OG ghost story of the originator scared people away. In the years since, there have been so many film adaptations that it's hard to pick a favorite, but there are some that interpret it with scary stories worth mentioning. Scrooged (1988) brings a new twist to this timeless story, starring Bill Murray, a hateful television executive who is visited by three souls and is an excellent black comedy about White Christmas.

Robert Zemeckis' 2009 film starring Jim Carrey is notable for a few reasons: ghosts are not only terrifying, but the animation style is also disturbing and can scare you for all sorts of wrong reasons. Then there's the 2019 BBC release starring Guy Pearce, a three-part series that leans towards darker, more adult source material. If you're looking for a more relaxed fare, there's always 1992. The Muppet version of the Christmas gift ghost resembles egg soup, and the scariest thing: Michael Kane dancing in his pajamas.

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