15 Hottest American Fitness Models in 2023


Your search for America's hottest fitness models ends here. Keep an eye out for this list of America's 15 Hottest Fitness Models of 2023.

Staying fit and looking hot is the new trend in the world. When it comes to fitness, American Coaches started the trend and inspired others to stay fit. There are some hot American fitness models who really inspire girls and women to stay fit and strong. The following shortlisted American fitness female models are a good example. Let's take a look at the list and tell us the name of your favorite America's Hottest Fitness Model in the comments section.

15 Hottest American Fitness Models in 2023

1  Katya Elise Henry

Katya Elise Henry is a stunning beauty, an American fitness model, social media influencer and entrepreneur. She was born on June 14, 1994 in Minnesota, USA. She has loved fitness since she was a child and has always maintained a hot figure.


Katya is reportedly unhappy with her childhood school memories. However, the hot fashion model started out as a cheerleader and her passion for fitness rules Instagram with 7.9 million followers. As an Instagram celebrity, she rules millions of hearts. People all over the world adore her stunning beauty when she shows off her beautiful photos on social media. When it comes to her personal life, Taylor Herro and Katya are partners. The fitness freak is a mother of two.

2   Cass Martin

Stylish and sporty body beauty Cass Martin is known for her fitness. Cass Martin is an American, fitness model, bodybuilder and social media influencer. She has been pursuing graduation and has kept her personal life a secret. But according to sources, she is married to Hunter.


The American fitness model prefers to stay fit, eat sensibly (healthy) and often avoid street food. According to sources, Jamie Eason is her inspiration and the reason she became a fitness freak. People are outraged by her stunning social media posts. This glamorous beauty has over 2.1 million followers on Instagram.

3   Karina Elle

Karina Elle is another hottest yankee fitness model celebrated worldwide for her exciting appearance and sweetness. This seductive fitness model is AN accomplished creator and, moreover; model, she could be a athletic facility trainer and social media temperament. She started her modeling career at the age of sixteen once a creative person took footage of her publically places. The daring glamorist entered swimming costume competitions and won a great deal.


Karina Elle is one in all the highest fitness beauties within the world. Her Insta account reveals her fitness and sweetness secrets. She has done whole endorsements for numerous brands, together with Hers, Self and additional. The squat and deadlift specialist has his own whole, Gym Bae..

4   Paige Hathaway

In addition to being an entrepreneur and social media personality, Paige Hath way is one of America's hottest fitness models. She believes in maintaining consistency in her workouts to stay healthy. The trainer has shown off her toned figure on her social media accounts and has inspired many to stay fit. Paige lived with her grandparents as a child and developed an interest in her. I have been exercising since I was a child. Afterwards, her medical exams began; according to sources, Hathway entered a bikini competition and won. She was reportedly dating Dixon Ross. In 2017, she dated Casper Smart.

5   Daisy Keech

Hot American model Daisy Keech is known for her looks and sense of style. Besides being a model, bodybuilder Daisy is also a YouTuber, socialite and fitness trainer. The in-demand American fitness model went to the University of California for higher education but dropped the idea as she wanted to focus on her career. She gained massive popularity through her YouTube channel; she rules social media with her charisma. She rose to fame in just a few years and inspired many to stay passionate and healthy.


Despite her millions of followers on Instagram, people have been outraged over her looks since she revealed her exclusive fitness tips and stories. Daisy is photographed wearing expensive, elegant outfits for her beautiful, bold looks.

6   Katelyn Runck

Caitlyn is yet another stunning fitness model from the US in 2023, known for her perfect body. She is a specialist and technician in laser therapy and runs a laser therapy clinic. The beautiful model devotes her time; in educating newcomers in the fashion industry. The model travels for many brands.


In 2018, she joined Instagram, becoming a hot topic where she took the spotlight and attracted viewers to fitness and her beauty. She has an estimated 2.6 million followers on social media. A model always looks forward to an opportunity knocking on her door. She prefers healthy food and says it keeps her fresh.

7   Ana Cherry

Ana Cheri is the hottest US fitness model as of 2023. The American fitness model is also a motivational speaker on positivity and entrepreneurship. This beautiful fitness freak also owns a gym. Cheri is known on social media for flaunting her looks and beauty. She has 12 million followers on Instagram, among other social media accounts. In 2015, Ana appeared in Playmate magazine, opening doors for this amazing artist beyond fame. Received the opportunity to promote various products and be the face of Sherdz Supplements forever. According to sources, the multi-talented woman is involved in a clothing line under the name Want my look.


nie Sanzo, aka Steph Fit Mum, is an Australian fitness celebrity and personal trainer. She never really hit the gym or did physical activity until she had her baby and gained 25kg (55lb). That's when she decided to start training. She quickly became addicted, even labeling herself a serious fitness fanatic.


After 3 years of dieting and weight training, she completely transformed her body. Along the way, she has amassed a huge following who are inspired by her unwavering dedication and outstanding results.


Starting in 2012, she found greater success after competing in a few smaller competitions. In 2013, she came second in a bodybuilding competition. All the while, she was raising two children.


Although Stephanie stopped competing, her fitness career was just beginning.


Today, she is considered one of the healthiest moms on the planet.


Follow @stephaniesanzo on Instagram for some incredible workout routines. The super-fit mom has never shied away from powerlifting, especially when it comes to her impressive quads. Interspersed with her typical workout posts are some helpful tips and advice on mindset and fitness. Stepha

        9   KELSEY WELLS

Kelsey Wells is not just one of the biggest names in the fitness industry, she is a proud and dedicated wife and mother from Australia.


If you're a mom or expecting mom, you'll love what she has to offer for exercise and inspiration. She's devised a renowned post-pregnancy workout program that empowers moms to regain strength and love for their bodies no matter what trimester they're in.


Kelsey is really humble and inspiring. Her feel-good attitude and feminine empowerment make her the perfect fitness model to follow with her honesty. Plus, her workouts are effective and creative, sure to help you tweak your workout routine.


If all of that doesn't excite you, we're sure her toned physique will.

       10   CHONTEL DUNCAN

Chontel Duncan is a model, career trainer and HIIT gym owner from Australia. She's also a former beauty pageant and Miss Universe finalist, and you won't be surprised to see her.


She shot to fame after documenting her post-pregnancy transformation. She made headlines around the world when she boasted six-pack abs during her pregnancy and regained them just a week after giving birth. She's also very honest about the downside of it all.


All in all, @chontelduncan's impressive looks, cheerful smile, vibrant work ethic, sweet devotion to her family, and 100% authenticity will make checking her page regularly well worth your time.

        11   PAIGE HATHAWAY

You've probably heard of Paige Hathaway. The Minnesota fitness star is one of the biggest names on Instagram.


She's been featured in countless fitness magazines, such as Women's Health, and has a few accolades in bodybuilding competitions, which have helped her achieve success.


2011 Ronnie Coleman Classic Group C: 2nd

2012 NPC Oklahoma City Grand Prix Group D: 2nd place

2013 NPC US Championship Group D: 16th

2013 NPC Junior US Championships: 14th

It's been a long time since these games, but her body is better than ever.


Not only is Paige super strong, but she's also mentally healthy. Her posts on kindness and gratitude are just as helpful as her bicep and leg day advice. She also has a 5-week fitness challenge that includes a customized workout plan to help you improve your fitness level quickly.

        12   KARINA ELLE

Karina Elle is a fitness model, trainer and former trail runner and cheerleader from Florida. She is also a bikini competitor, having won the highest degree at the World Fitness Federation Professional Bikini Championships.


She has been popular in the IG circle for many years, and her popularity has never wavered. This is because she is genuine, inspiring, and extremely helpful to those who are on their own fitness journey. Not to mention, her Asian/European looks and tall, slender body are very hot.


Follow her for beautiful photos, great workouts (at home and at the gym), and nutritional advice.

       13   LAUREN DRAIN

Lauren Drain Kagan is a nurse, bikini swimmer, certified personal trainer, and registered nurse. But that's not all, she's also a bestselling author, wife and mother. So her Instagram page @laurendrainfit proves you can do it all. Follow her for inspirational posts, inspiring before and afters, and some adorable puppy photos!


In terms of her bodybuilding career, which ended years ago, she helped advance her career as an influencer with some impressive accolades:


2014 WBFF Boston Bikini, 9th place

2014 WBFF Canadian Fitness, fifth place

2014 WBFF NYC Bikini, 2nd Place

2014 WBFF Boston Bikini, 2nd Place

2014 WBFF Rhode Island Bikini, 1st Place (Pro Card)

       14   SOMMER RAY

We'd be surprised if you don't know Sommer Ray. She even outnumbers many A-list celebrities on Instagram. Not for nothing, she is absolutely amazing and funny. Plus, she's known for having one of the best booties on Instagram (and she's not afraid to show it off).


With her light-hearted and sometimes hilarious posts (with the occasional addition of other big-name celebrities and influencers), she's a great way to escape the stress and drama of social media. Plus, she has her own line of workout gear to keep your gym looking on-trend.


You also love seeing her relationship with her mom, who joined her in her first NPC match back in 2015 when she was just 16 years old. Her mom is just as amazing.


If you haven't followed her yet, check out her @SommerRay. We guarantee you already have some friends following her.

        15   ANITA HERBERT

Anita Herbert is a fitness competitor from Hungary who is dedicated to helping other athletes.


She rose to prominence in bodybuilding competitions in 2015 and 2016, winning first prizes in several events:


2015 NPC Southern States & CJ Classic, 1st Place and Overall Champion

2015 NPC Miami Muscle Beach Competition, 1st Place and Overall Results

2015 National People's Congress, first place and overall

2015 National People's Congress Sunshine Classic Competition first place and total score

2015 NPC Tampa Bay, 1st Place and Overall

2016 IFBB Arnold Amateur North America, 2nd Place (Pro Card)

2016 IFBB Fort Lauderdale Cup, 1st place

2016 IFBB Naples Pro, 3rd place

2016 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro, 10th

If you want great workouts and great advice, follow her at Anita Herbert Fitness on Facebook. This girl is one of the best in the body sculpting industry. You can see this through some impressive before and after photos posted by her fellow Fit Queen users, as well as inspirational images of her own success.

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